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Distance Learning

During the spring we, along with the rest of the country, were doing our best in a world suddenly disrupted by COVID-19.  This fall, Twin Rivers Unified School District has a much more planned approach.  We look forward to the time when it is safe to return to our classrooms and see students in person.  In the meantime, we will be providing classes online. DISTANCE LEARNING SCHEDULE
School is a combination of Zoom classes with your teacher and classmates, as well as work to complete on your own (found in Google Classroom).  
The classes on your schedule, as well as work posted in Google Classroom, is required, just as it would be if we were meeting in person.  Roll will be taken during each period.  
Remember that when you access Zoom and Google Classroom, you need to be signed into your computer with your Twin Rivers student log in.  If you are logged in with your personal email, these will not work.

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Zoom class links

Consult your schedule.  At the appropriate day/time, click on the teacher link to enter their online classroom.  Each class will open with a "waiting room."  The teacher will admit students as they confirm that they are actual students - this will prevent unknown persons from joining the Zoom.
Buckner  password: miles

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Google classroom links

Each teacher has a Google Classroom set up.  Each day, go to the Google Classroom for each of your teachers to see if any new work has been posted.  This work is designed to be completed during the hours you are not in a Zoom lesson.
Luna  Classroom Code: uv4giv6